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“Marisa is a dream-come-true as an employee. She is focused and reliable and has a style I liken to a metronome--always working at a steady pace so that she is always on top of her work and ahead of deadlines. With her 10+ as a medical writer she also has experience with all aspects of regulatory writing and submissions in the US as well as in Europe and Japan. As icing on the cake, she is invariably a well liked and respected member of the product development teams she is assigned to.” February 9, 2009

Kate Williams, Associate Director Medical Writing, Genzyme Corp
managed Marisa at Genzyme

“Marisa began her journey as a medical writer while under my direction. She quickly learned the basics of regulatory submission documents including csrs, ind applications, protocols, and clinical summaries. She is bright, hard working, and professional and if I had the opportunity, I would try and hire her at my present company.” February 8, 2009

Marty Rosenberg, Medical Director, DuPont Pharma
managed Marisa at Genzyme

“Marisa is an excellent medical writer who, at management’s request, took responsibility for an early-draft ISS when I was called away to work on another program. Thanks to Marisa’s attention to detail and careful work by the entire team, there were no questions from regulators on the associated sNDA.

On this and on other projects, Marisa worked with little or no management oversight. She has a well earned reputation for taking changes in stride. Her portfolio includes multiple indications (from endocrinology to orthopedics) and documents ranging from protocols to briefing packages to NDAs/CTDs.” February 5, 2009

Claire McCall, Associate Director of Medical Writing, Genzyme
managed Marisa indirectly at Genzyme

“Marisa is honestly one of the best medical writers I have worked with. She is smart, easy going, accomodating, and dedicated. She is results-driven, yet can be very flexible when it’s required. Having Marisa on my project teams has always been a positive experience.” February 3, 2009

Stacie Vienneau, Director, Data Management, Genzyme
worked directly with Marisa at Genzyme

“Marisa is a great medical writer. She is very much a team player and is very respected by her colleagues. I would recommend Marisa without hesitation.” February 2, 2009

Clare Elkins, Director, Biostatistics, Genzyme
worked directly with Marisa at Genzyme

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